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Holding back, no
Holding back, no
Without you, be with you
Uh, uh
(Ayy, 40, what that do?)

[Verse 1]
Lil Wooski ain't your average teen
He see the opps, gon' bang it out
He know exactly how to hit they block like that's his favorite route
Ayy, lil' nigga, if you send some shots, you better make it count
RIPs touch his brain cells, rearrange his scalp
They killed [?], he took three with him, they all know what your name about
Ain't seen you in so long, it's like your voice is slowly fadin' out

Love my niggas, right or wrong, no, I would never trade 'em out
Ain't thuggin' 'cause he mean it, these lil' niggas in a race for clout
Block died, we threw up X's, TimTim died, we thrеw up T's
Twin 'nem died, we bangin' L's, I wish that thеy ain't never leave
Fuck killer K's to the brain, I'm scorin' if I catch the G's
Forever stuntin' like I'm Durb, I keep a few tricks up my sleeve

God, I know I'm not like them
I'm just different, I'm built different
I feel as if we all got a purpose and we all special in some way
But me, my potential is unmatched
I'm the chosen one
But only time will tell
Long live the guys

[Verse 2]
Say, "Fuck the opposites," but deep down, we really all alike
Since the elementary, our elders gave us small advice
This shit could lead to death and jail, it's crazy how they all was right
I was playin' AAU with Ed, it was, "Ball is life"
Wish I could've warned him in advance 'fore he lost his life
Game time, call troopers for backup before we call for Christ
Was real to him whole time while he sharpened his knife
He put it in my back for racks, ain't know his heart had a price
Everything done in the dark gon' come to life
Tryna choose your thoughts over your feelings, that's the hardest fight
Had to prove 'em wrong, they said my dreams was out of sight
Now it's fifty K up in my jeans on chartered flights
And we rock the hardest ice

Holding back, no
Oh, without you
I don't wanna be with you, yeah

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