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I remember Elysium City, I was a boy,
And at the age of six, the Spartan Program took me,
Trained since a child genetically modified for war,
And we were raised and were trained on the planet Reach.
2525 the Covenant attacked.
On Harvest and eventually now Reach.
They're killing most of us, it's getting bad.
They had Grunts & Jackals, Hunters & Elites.
The Pillar of Autumn, is what they put me on,
Captain Keyes's Ship with Dr Halsey's Cortana.
Slip Space off of Reach, the Covenant glassed everything.
We arrived and we discovered an ancient Halo ring..

Master Chief, he's a super soldier has Mjolnir armor,

And he's the last known Spartan.
He's drives Warthogs through thick and thin, dropped of by a Pelican,
And he fights the brutal Covenant.
Cortana, c
Omputer AI, only one that's
Close to John,
117 and the fight goes on.
Fighting to protect earth while still protecting her.
Life of a Spartan..

Approaching Halo the Covenant boarded our ship,
Their numbers were too great, and we had to leave it.
Crash landed on the surface and we lost the captain.
Once we found him he discovered the Ring's an ancient weapon.
The Covenant unwittingly released the Flood.
A parasitic infectious disease.
It is spreading quickly infecting everyone.
Including my captain Jacob Keyes.
343 Guilty Spark of Installation 04
Wants me to find the Index to activate the ring's core.
Cortana learns that it wouldn't just kill the flood,
But she learns that it kills their food, which is all of us.
Headed to the Pillar of Autumn, fusion reactors shot em,
Last Long Sword Fighter and did some serious Warthoging.
Destroyed Halo only dust and echos,
Only one's that made it off, so we'd better head home..

Master Chief part of the UNSC takes down his enemies,
But the Covenant have come to Earth.
They invade New Mombasa City Scarabs, Wraiths & Banshee's.
We're dropping soldiers and ODST's.
Sergeant Johnson, picked me up and takes me to the Covenant Ship.
Slip Space Rupture, it's the Prophet of Regret.
Arrived at Delta Halo, that's where I took him down.
Life of a Spartan..

They're blowing up the base,
So I jump into the lake,
Taken by the gravemind, a Flood Hive of intelligence.
But flesh and faith, the Arbiter was betrayed
By the brutes, they want to light the rings and led by Tartarus.
Sent to High Charity to stop the leading Prophet of Truth.
Boarded a Forerunner ship, Cortana left behind, if I fail there's only one thing to do.
If they activate she'll blow it.
Landed in East Africa and I'm here to finish the fight.
They're digging and they activate a portal that glimmers with light.
Followed them and it leads to The Arc where they can light the rings,
We must destroy it all cuz if we don't it's the end of all things..

Master Chief savoir of humanity stopped the 7 Halo rings.
The Arbiter helped him through all of it.
Johnson sacrificed his life when Spark was being a Dick.
And Arbiter killed the Prophet,
Cortana on High Charity the Flood is far from gone,
But I got her back and The Arc blew up.
The ship split in two, me and you didn't make it through.
Life of a Spartan..

Shane Blair - Master Chief (Halo Song) tekst piosenki

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