Sadurn - F​.​w​.​y​.​f. tekstowo zapisana

Sadurn - F​.​w​.​y​.​f.

Tekst piosenki F​.​w​.​y​.​f.

I wanna be friends with your friends
But when i walk down your street
I get a sickening feeling
Like i'm gonna throw up.
And you don't necessarily know i was there,
Thinking about calling you up,
Incase you were around
Cause it wasn't a very fun party
And the girl i showed up with
Was trying to kiss me, and so did her boyfriend
And they're so annoying
And i thought i'd be much better off
Even at your place, which is saying something, i guess.
But i lose whether i call you or not
Either i'm weak, or you won't know me

But you messed me up a lot
And are we ok with that end?
I wanna be friends with your friends

Sadurn - F​.​w​.​y​.​f. tekst piosenki

Sadurn - F​.​w​.​y​.​f. tekstowo F​.​w​.​y​.​f. Sadurn F​.​w​.​y​.​f. słowa

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