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There's a psychopath, in Russia he's the boss
He does judo, hunts, he rides shirtless on a horse
For twenty years he wins every election
With a hundred and seven percentage of the votes

He imprisoned all the opposition
Partied with the oligarchs
Now he tells himself he is a saviour
In the war on he embarks

Vlad Vlad Vlad Putin
Go fuck off out of Ukraine
This is a war that nobody wants
Vlad Vlad Vlad Putin
In history you leave a stain

Bigger than the one on old Gorbachev

Look outside the window and it's World War III
Russian army bombed last night
Bloody Vlady thought he'll have us on our knees
We won't go down without a fight
We're not back in the USSR
It's Kyiv, not Putingrad, blyat!1
Not back in the USSR

The Ukrainians they will stand and fight
They'll kick mad Vlad's behind
In Moscow streets they protest and shout
The dick-tator in the Kremlin
Lost his fucking ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mind

Economic sanctions, millions of refugees
We cannot afford to fail
Russians sent to jail for attempt of free speech
Granny makes a Molotov cocktail
We're not back in the USSR
We will not have you as tsar, Vlad
Not back in the USSR

Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй!2 1. blyat (Блять) is a Russian swearword that literally means "whore" 2. "Russian warship, go fuck yourself". It's the reply of Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island attacked by Russia on 24 February 2022. Russian warship's crew asked Ukrainians to give up.

Pablo Bloom - Vladputin Tekst piosenki

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