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I got a loose outfit
and your eyes on me
I got some good babes uptown

My life is smooth
I put tunes into circulation
I don't pretend to be more cool
than I am

My closet full of duds
I don't give a fuck
Checkered scarf on my neck
For this, for big dough
Time rips by fast
Like my Italian temper
Vintage Polo Ralph
I like it oversized

I don't play out your roles
Coz I got a different plan
All of Victoria's set
tastes of bubblegum
I know some gifted babes
I play the play with them
I know coz I'm like that myself

Waste of my breath, I like silent movies
Time's rushing me, I gotta flow a little slower
Together with the girls we open up a wine
Dopamine in the veins, not cortisol
Old duds in the old closet gone missing
I don't know what will come, this just a pilot
Ania Pham, the first episode
Hold on, there will come a time for a spin-off

Dough all upon the table
That's a lot of dough to share
Got black ink in my skin
Not too soon, not too late
Dough on the table
The whole time for a hundred
Direct shot like a gun
I got so many plans for tomorrow

I make those corrections
I make em like Veclaim
Like my homie Igi
I run a mind scan
On my end it's by turns
A change, that's for sure
I do what I want
My dream is fucking awesome

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