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Karin Park - Empire Rising

Tekst piosenki Empire Rising

I’m the enquirer. I ask and I ask.
I ask the president, the fortune teller
But they don’t know what to say to me

I’m the enquirer, hex is my trade
I break my cervix in a massacre
Giving birth to my phenomenon
I let go of control
Can’t count the peers
I am a mother, I’m a force of nature
I’m the queen of fertility

I am an animal, I am the bible
I am the oracle, I am the priest
I am the owner of the company

I see the empire rising
From the top of the mountain

I see across the land
I build and I build
With every flower and with every stone
I chose my methods very carefully

I am the lost torch
I am the black Porsche
I am the money
I’m the techno party
I am the new face on the dollar bill

I’m Andrew Carnegie
Manning the burning wheels
Listen you golden boys and girls I call you
hear the echo of a new mind

I’m David Bowie
I’m Anaïs Nin
I am the truth, I am initiated
I’m Jones
Grace Jones

Karin Park - Empire Rising tekst piosenki

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