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Francis Tuan - Borders

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Waiting on a border
Longer and longer
We're getting older

Looking for a wonder
From around the corner
Which never comes closer

There are no borders across the lands
But we mark out others between our hands
And always we say that it's a sign of the times
No need for duty, no need to pay
All the same for crossing we have no chance
Why can't we unlock the car door just for a while?

We know too much of each other
Like sister and brother
And it makes us bother

This borderline still gets farther
From hour to hour
And nothing comes after

There are no borders across the lands...

Let's get out and leave the car
Take someone on our shoulders
It's not far cause in your heart
There are no borders

There are no borders across the lands...
Let's get out...

Francis Tuan - Borders tekst piosenki

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