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Tekst piosenki Invincible

Can you hear? Are we clear?
Cleared for lift off, takeoff
For making reverberations
Are we affirmative? No, negatory

Come in, come in, radio, what's your story?
Are you Oscar Kilo? Will you Wilco?
Are you ready for a bit of
A bit of echo, Victor?

Feeling wider than awake, yeah
Better crooked than straight

Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, when we love

When we love

Now there's smoke on the horizon
And the clouds are looking violent
There's a future in need of a frame
Compass spinning in my brain

There's a theory for everything
Resurrection to the big ol' bang
Rachmaninoff to the excitement gang

We got the density of our beings
The unbearable weight, the unbearable light
The unbearable weight, let's lift it up

Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh

Feeling honest as a promise
Troubled times have come upon us
At the core of the cosmos
We are so much more than particles

Sonic to the subatomic
You are a whisper and a scream
You are, we are
All part of this everything

Yeah, so feel important

You are light, you are principle
When you love, invincible
Our shared light, indivisible
When we love, we're invincible

Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh, when we love
Oh, when we love

Ah, the humanity, the calamity
The spilling blood, the gravity
We got the heavens, we got the Earth
And in between we got big surf

Who could ask for more?
The only rule is to keep your cool

When we love
We are light
Hey, you got a light?

Eddie Vedder - Invincible Tekst piosenki

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